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What should I get for my boyfriend for Christmas?

He likes semi-expensive quality clothing, (has one already) Playstation 3, he plays guitar, bass, keyboard, likes electronic and alternative music mainly, studies Psychology atm, no idea what to get.

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    Now that you have eliminated the things he has how about thinking of what he doesn't have. Is there music he doesn't have (older things) that you could hunt up for him. Like me I would love to find the Album (yes vinyl) Persussaive Percussion, vol 3. One year for a gift I took all the pictures a friend had and put them in nice new acid free albums and then gave them a new digital camera, and a blank album.

    Think about what you have heard him say during the year, were you out and remember him saying something like oh I really like______, or watching TV and a commercial came on and he showed intrest in something on it. Not necessarly the item advertised. I have some friends that now life where it snows. As a "gag" gift she got her boyfriend a sled, he loves it. He said when it snowed the first time he always thought kids must have a great time sledding. She didn't forget it. Since he likes music is he a good dancer? Maybe lessons together. Use a little of the Psychology on him. Take a catalog Penneys, LL Bean, and flip through it together, watch his body language and facial expressions, if he he shows intrest in something that could give you a clue maybe not for that one thing but it could give you an idea of something he woiuld really like. Or instead of a catalog do it on the net.

    Good luck, there are some people that are really hard to buy for. Merry Christmas

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    You could get Guitar Hero 3.

  • Get him a gift card to a store that sells semi-expensive clothing (Bloomingdale's) or music/video games (Best Buy).

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    ya guitar hero 3 if you don't already have it

    or an online sony card !

    sony card so he can go onlin with his ps3 and you can download games or buy games with the sony card

    gift certificate for EB games or a game store or best buy

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    Get to know him better then.

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