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Is my boyfriend a good boyfriend?

I have a boyfriend who is very caring, but I want to know if you would like him, too, by the sounds of it...Ok, My boyfriend loves to hug me tightly and say sweet things in my ear like "I want you to be happy," and "You are my special someone." He also likes to flirt with me, and poke me in a friendly way. Every day we hold hands, and he has mensioned kissing, but he wants to have our first kiss somewheres "special" - like at a certain place; at the library in a corner, at his house, and so on from there. when I poke him, he takes my hand and holds it, and whenever I talk, he looks me in the eye. Although when we are together, and just exchange glances, I feel those glances are special. We have cuddled before, and hugged romanticly, and every thing...I know for sure that he likes me a lot, but another question is, does he LOVE me at all? I just want to know what you think by the description I gave you...Oh yah, he does like to make me feel better when I am down. Thanx

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  • Ralph
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    1 decade ago
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    Ask him - If you can't trust him enough to ask - the answer is no.

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    you seek validation. you shall have none here. you're man is what he is. you will only know the answer to this question when his devotion to you is tested. if he fails the test, he is likely not a "good" boyfriend.

    a better question for you to ask would be is he your friend. if he is your friend 1st, then you're on the right track. other than that, humans are funky. you never really know what a human will do under certain stress-oriented circumstances.

    you sound young, and not sexually active. sexual awareness plays a factor in such situations. that's not to say you guys should be sexually active. in fact, i would suggest quite the opposite. not to say that sex is evil or anything like that, but it changes the level of consideration and interaction between 2 humans. even if the 2 are not sexually active, it still has an effect.

    as far as love goes, if he isn't saying he loves you, then watch yourself. don't be afraid to express your feelings, but don't harass him about the love thing. you kind of have to feel your way around that one. unfortunately, there are sick double standards in this society that suggest that men should not openly express their emotions. only you will know if your guy suffers from this social malady. if he does, you could be in for a painful ride.

    most important of all, since nobody is perfect, it's best to be aware of, and unconditionally love yourself. this applies to you for your entire life, no matter who your partner may be. low self-esteem is a real problem in most relationships. if both of you have a healthy self-love and practice open, honest communication, you should just go along for the ride. even if things don't work out, as long as no one is being physically or emotionally abusive, you are taking part in a great learning/life experience.

    don't take it for granted.....

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    It sounds like he really really likes you. The flirting, hugging, holding hands, etc. And it sounds like the two of you are in love.

    I would talk to him about it all though. Ask him how he feels, tell him how you feel. After all, healthy relationships are about being open and honest with each other.

    However, I'm not sure how old the two of you are, but if you're still young, I would say to just take things have your whole life ahead of you.

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    He sounds like a great guy, and it is so very sweet and romantic that he hasn't even kissed you yet, is taking time getting to know you, and giving you time to get to know him.

    You sound very young. I hope with all my heart you will stay together forever. Don't rush things, be friends, know each other. You both have lots of changes to go through as you get older.

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  • haslam
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    4 years ago

    it extremely is stressful for you, yet your mom is barely preserving you and would not choose something to take place to you. Age difference would not be counted she would be able to continually anticipate a guy is to outdated for you because of the fact which you're her daughter. And definite your mom would have met your father the comparable time you met yours and your mom in all probability made some errors that she in simple terms would not choose repeated to you. in simple terms pay attention to her because of the fact interior the tip if some thing does take place to you, you will experience undesirable for not listening and you will experience sorry with reference to the consequence.

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    Sounds like a great boyfriend to me, i wouldnt date him but hey, lol. Well ive found a girl almost exactly like that, but were not goin out. Dont be worried about kissing, its not hard at all. Also it sounds like he likes you alot. Are you doubting him for some reason?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He sounds really, really sweet. I'd have to know how old he is to be able to say whether I would "like" him or not though. But anyway, you're really lucky to have a sweet guy like that for your boyfriend. I'd say he's a good boyfriend.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sounds like you around 12 or 13, so for that age, I'd say he likes you, but your chances of getting married are slim at best.

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    Sounds like a very good boyfriend, but I wouldn't call it love yet.

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    by the sound of it he's a great boyfriend but im not really sure about the love part.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sounds great to me but lets hope he is just like this a year later....just joking but he sounds great.

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