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Which is prettier?

How many of you would be just as happy to have a CZ than a real diamond! I would be!

I would just request the gold be real so that my finger doesn't turn green :)


my fiance and I are paying bills, paying rent, etc, we don't have the money to put towards a 'real' ring/wedding band set. My first engagement ring from him was real, he got it for 150.00 off of craigslist (i picked it out) but our mistake was getting something that didn't would cost us nearly 1000 dollars to make a band to match it...we don't have the money to throw around like that....we'll upgrade later :)

Update 2:

the cz in my ring is not very big at all, too big is too unbelieveable for me..

Update 3:

jlunchbox, no biggie, i was just adding more info, i had been looking at quite a few cz rings and i've noticed that a LOT do have large stones.... :)

Update 4:

Latoya, my E-Ring would've come from walmart had we found the right one..the one i wanted was clearanced out :)

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    The thing with a C/z is that unless you actually look at it with a magnifier, you won't be able to tell it's not a real diamond. So you could tell people it's a diamond and they wouldn't know any different, until you've had it a while. Diamonds always shine, but c/zs over time get dull. But if you clean it every month or so just in warm soapy water with a toothbrush you can keep it sparkly n shiny : )

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    I actually prefer cz's over diamonds cuz I think they sparkle more. I have both and I choose to wear my cz's all the time. My engagement ring is a 3 stone blue topaz with diamond accents. When I saw it I fell in love with it. I had searched for a long time to find the perfect ring for me and came across this one at of all places, K-Mart. It was originally priced less than $500 and we got it at 70% off. The moment I saw it I knew it was the ring for me. It didn't come with a matching wedding ring either. I was lucky enough to find two small wedding bands that fit with it perfectly, but we couldn't afford them at the time so my engagement ring acts as my wedding ring too. We got married in Morocco and next year when he comes to American we plan to have an american wedding with my family and friends and hopefully we can afford the bands then, if not I'm perfectly happy with the ring I have.

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    I don't think there's anything wrong with CZ. As long as you clean it, it's hard to tell the difference between it and a real diamond unless you're a jeweler and carry around your magnifier. I completely agree with you about the gold. Go with 10k. It's very strong and won't turn your finger green. Walmart has a very nice selection of CZ in 10k that won't break your budget and looks very nice. I also agree about not going too big with the stone. Too big just looks fake.

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    I would not want a CZ. I may be vain, but I only like the real thing. My boyfriend knows this. He's never bought me a fake piece of jewelry in the 3 years we have been together. Each Christmas and for my birthday, I get jewelry. Last year, I got a 14K white gold bracelet with diamond accents. For my birthday, I got a solid 14K gold bracelet and matching necklace (Italian gold too)

    I would rather have a smaller real diamond, then a CZ. I saw on TV too, that there a numerous ways to spot a fake diamond. So, really you can't fool anyone.

    Source(s): I also NEVER ask for jewelery. I trust his gift giving abilities, so I don't even make gift suggestions. I get what I get. But, I've never been disappointed and he knows my taste in jewelery very well. In fact, until I meet him, I never owned real jewelry. I use to go to Clare's or the Icing and get stuff to wear with dresses to weddings and other events. He was shocked I didn't own any good jewelry, as all the women in his family do. So, ever since then, he's bought me jewerlry.
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    Honestly, I wouldn't be as happy. Even if the diamond was really small, I'd rather it be a diamond. I guess it's more a sentimental thing. You can buy small solitaires for less than $200. Then you can have a nice CZ to wear when you want to sparkle a little more if you like. When you're 60 years old, it'll be nice to pull out that little diamond and remember how much it meant to get it. I just don't think a CZ would be the same to me.

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    I would rather have a small real diamond then a cz. You may find a real gold ring with a cz is more than a smaller real diamond.

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    My engagement ring is CZ and ruby, very cheap but good. My wedding ring cost about 650 pounds and my finger still went x

    My honest opinion though is that the lustre of a real diamond is most definitely recognisable and distinguishable by sight. Given the choice and unlimited money I would go for the real thing.

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    I'm with Fizzy on this one. My engagement ring was my first diamond. Although it's on the smaller side (by my choice). I'm glad it's real and not a CZ. Maybe for future jewelery I wouldn't mind a CZ but as for the engagement ring I prefer real.

    Edit: Why so many thumbs down? Geesh, at least I'm not like those women who has to have a big huge diamond. Mine is only 1/3

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    I'd rather have a real diamond. I don't give a rats butt how big it may be, but I wouldn't want something that is supposed to look like something else. I'd rather have a tiny one of the real thing than a bigger one of an impersonator. Plus a diamond is my birthstone and you can get the tiny ones really cheaply.

    Having said all that, I want blue topaz and it's something like 3 dollars a carat wholesale, so I'm not too worried about it.

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    I would rather have a small real diamond than a large fake diamond. I think that a quality diamond's sparkle is unsurpassed by CZ. I own both.

    I'm not saying there's anything wrong with yours. You asked an opinion question...

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