First night without baby?

My daughter is 6 months old and last night is the first full night she has spent away from my husband and I since she has been home from the hospital. She stayed at my moms from yesterday afternoon until about 10am today. Now, everytime I leave her sight, she cries... has anyone else experienced this? She wasnt at all fussy while she was with my mom, but she wants me in her sight all the time today. I am assuming by tonight she will be over it, do you think she just missed me? I just thought it seemed a little strange and was wondering if anyone else had experienced this. Thanks!

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    It is very possible she has a little bit of separation anxiety.

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    The baby is still learning what roles every one plays in her life, and up until now, she thought that you were the one person who would NEVER go anywhere. This is why she cries- because she has realised that this belief is not true and that you can, will, and do leave her from time to time. The only way she will get over it is if you continue to leave her occasionally, then she will learn to trust that you will ALWAYS come back to her! Worked for me and now my little one will tell me 'see you soon' and is very confident as a child!

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    yes actually i went through the same thing yesterday. i got my friend to watch my 5 month old son for acouple of hours while i went xmas shopping and it was the first time he has been anywhere without me and his father and my friend told me he cried the whole time he was with her. when he got home he seemed mad at me.

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    they're all different.

    She'll be fine. Carry on leaving her with Grandma now and again; it's good for all of you

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