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What is the best country for Atheists to live in? Norway?

...where I can get as far away from Theists and safe from their attacking, exploding, tormenting, raping, robbing, killing people because of their belief — or use their belief as the main reason for doing so.

Is Norway a good choice?


I'm living in the most-Muslim-populated-country where an ethnic/religion war can break at any moments...


If you'd try to understand =)

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  • Tim 47
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    Yes. There is no violence in Norway.

    Actually there are many countries that are 100% atheist, and they have absolutely no crime within their ranks.

    Everyone knows that there has never been any evidence that shows that any atheist at any time, has committed a crime.

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    Antartica might be a good option. The population there is extremely low so any form of ridicule might be hard to come by. The real question here is why would you want to run away from your unbelieving. You choose not to believe, and by letting those that ridicule you because they choose to believe you are showing them that they are right. You are just going to give them more power. I personally do not agree with the atheist point of view, but i respect each person for their opinion. I wish you the best of the luck in finding a suitable living arrangement. On a serious note, Ive heard New Zealand is pretty awesome, might just be a rumor though

  • Anonymous
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    Sure, if you don't mind living in one of the most insular and xenophobic countries on Earth. They won't even join the EU because it means they'd have to give up some of their precious oil money.

    Sweden and Denmark have some problems with Islamic extremism, so I wouldn't reccomend them either. I think the best country would be France, which aggresively promotes secularism. Even the far-right there are mostly atheist. China would be good as well if you don't mind living in an autocracy.

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    >Why do atheist live in countries that are not ruled by atheist? is it because they want freedom? No, I was born here. I understand that to mean I have a right to live here, but maybe I'm wrong. >Look at China, North Korea, Cuba- all atheist countries and look how their people live!!!! Would you want to live like this, where freedom to think for yourself is against the law? No, but as mentioned before, I think you're confusing atheism with communism. >Would you want live under these harsh governments who want total control over every person? No. >Where if you decided to go to church just because you want to check it out, you could be arrested and jailed? No. >This is how atheist governments think and live, is this what you would want??? If that is true, which I think it is not, I suspect it is even more true for countries with very religious ideals. And no, I wouldn't want to live there either. >If so, why do you live in a country like the USA that states on its currency that it is"One Nation Under God"????? MOVE and live with the atheist governments where you would be happy?? Not all countries "like" the US state "one nation under God". Our bank notes say, "promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of..." Why should anybody want to leave the country they were born in if they are happy in it? Especially if it's not against the law to have a realistic attitude to life. Shame that they have to put up with such discrimination. Do you have the same attitude towards other minorities? Mind you, New Zealand doesn't sound too bad to me...

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    I've never heard of anyone in America being raped because of being a different religion from someone else.

    I have heard of Christians being murdered because they believe in God.

    But to answer you question, I think Norway or Sweden might be your best bet. Good luck with the move.

  • Anonymous
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    I would think any of the Nordic countries would be a good country to live in--Athiest or believer of any kind. Although I'm American, and am IN America, I'd suggest you'd steer clear of this country. Unless you can find a rare pocket of Athiests. Good luck to you.

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    Norway - Sweden - The Netherlands - Denmark are all very tolerant.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Actually, Canada seems pretty good. Though we do still suffer from the door-to-door salesman trying to sell their religion.

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    All crimes are created by theists? Really, your stereotyping just as much as the people you are condemning. Promote love not hate.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Tolerant, tell that to the muslims. Those countries have strict immigration laws, so obviously they are not that tolerant.

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