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Help with a horse persontation.?

I have a 4-H presontation soon and i need a topic beacuse i can think of one. In the past 2 years ive done:halflingers and Breyer horses and i need a really good one this year so all ideas will help me a bunch. Thank you.

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    You could try a presentation on different training techniques. Take a look at your average cowboy trainer, or someone who does natural horsemanship.

    Different styles of riding can also be addressed.

    Breeds are good, but can be over done, unless you do something odd.

    What about a medical look. Research a virus horses can get, like west nile. Or, Did you know that gray horses have a higher chance of getting melanoma?

    Good luck, I know what 4-H is like... 5 years of it and loved every minute, but hard work

  • In a recent FFA related presentation, I did horse cloning, and the controversy surrounding it (it can be beneficial, but ppl are agianst it). I have also done 4h presentations on diet & nutrition, and the responsibilities of owning a horse.

    Some others I have heard are:


    Quick Show Tips

    Therapeutic Riding

    Safety Tips

    a specific breed presentation- try a unique breed (no offense to the mustang ppl- i luv em- but go for originality)

    Anyway- do what interests you. If you do something that you apply to your life with horses, it will come easy and you can include personal experiences and anecdotes.

    Good luck!!

    Let us know how you do!

    Source(s): A couple years of 4h and FFA, a public speaking course, and 7ish years of horsey fun.
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    How about equine behavior?

    Kind a like "with every thing a horse does it's trying to tell you something"


    I just got a horse here, a mare, that was given up on because she kicked like crazy as soon as some one tried to groom her hind quarter, I checked her back and found abnormal slight bumps on her croup next to the spine, and a closer look at her showed that her right hip was slightly higher than her left.

    I asked the previous owner about possible accidents and got told she slipped on a ride in a lake, and since then she's "mean".

    Chiropractic is working on her now and her behavior already improves after two sessions.

    All she was trying to say with her kicking was " IT HURTS"!

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    How about: Lustianos or the rehabilitation of race horses to riding horses? Or maybe how different riding activities differ around the world, I'm sure there's a wealth of knowledge on here!

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    Trying doing your presontation on maybe gaited horses?

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    How about ethical breeding and horse overpopulation?

    It's a current, relevant topic with lots of variables to cover...what should registries do? Breeders? Buyers?

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    You could do the old wild west....with cowboys and mustangs...and how they became tame and domestic.

    Or how at the same time when cowboys were here, over in Europe English riding was getting started...or something like that.

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    Like Boomer said - do mustangs.

    Do a presentation on mustangs in the BLM, how they are caught, what their freeze brands mean etc

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    It would be complicated (but you could research it all online).

    A paper on genetics as related to color....

    How do you breed for a certain color...what are the odds...etc.

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    Try Mustangs .

    Source(s): BLM
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