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Blog posting problems in yahoo 360 as of today.?

Hi I am experiencing problems today while posting blogs. I wrote quite a nice long blog complete with pics and videos and then when I clicked the "Post" button it simply evaporated! I cant see it on my list of recent blogs!! Not only that yesterday two of my friends commented on my last blog.. I got a notification email from 360 confirming it and now I cant see those comments!! Thats hella frustrating!! is there anybody out there listening??????????????????????? Yahoo ppl are you listening???? Folks gimme an answer!!!

Thank goodness like any good programmer I wrote i copy pasted it to my editor so that in case of a server failure i wont loose the content and repost it.

Can you help me???? Whats wrong???

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    have you seen the 360 blog? it is stated that 360 is undergoing a transition process, and during these time they wont be going to repair any glitches that we are facing. on january, 360 will be closed to welcome a new site.

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