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1997 dodge dakota good truck?

Hey, I'm looking at buying a truck its a 1997 dodge dakota sport. Its listed for $2000 it has about 200,000 kms on it (124,000 miles), it has a bit of rust on the chrome bumper just surface rust though, and some body work done on the bed side but nothing serious. My question is is this truck a good truck and is it worth the price?


Oh also it runs very good no unusual sounds and handles like its new just needs the body work

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    Have had Dodge trucks before. The ones I had suffered from rust. Mechanically, they were good. That is a lot of kms, would only expect to get 300,000 before major problems begin. I would not pay more than 1500 for it.

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    that's about the worth of it right there is 2 grand,with the rust on it ,that kind of makes it a bad deal,a friend of mine just bought a 96 model 4 wheel drive one for 1500 bucks and its a nice truck,they are good trucks but id try and talk them down some on price,it should last you a while longer but don't invest that much in to it if you can get it cheaper,to me it would be worth about 1500 at the most,good luck on it,i hope you get it,have a merry x-mas .

    Source(s): been a certified mechanic for 37 yrs.
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    The tapping noise is not good, or normal. It's most likely a lifter and expensive to fix. The gas mileage will be bad. I don't know how Dodge did it, but the 5.2L is more fuel efficient than the 3.9L. As for snow, the Dakota handles quite well.

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    Hard to say. Get it checked out by a mechanic and see if it is worth the $2,000.

    It will probably cost you $50 or so, but it's worth it....especially if it keeps you from making a $2,000 mistake.

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    Enter 97 dodge in search engine, you should come up with some info on it.

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    get a friend to inspect it thats what i do. see if its in good shape like rust or something or stains etc.

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    gas guzler....Do you have a drinking buddy on friday night......u can take ur truck out on the town if u will drink just as much as you.

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    yes but I wouldnt prefer it. Save more money and get a better one.

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