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I've been dating him for 2 weeks, and......?

We are so compatible! His names Preston, he's really hot and really sweet. He's just wonderful, he's the best guy i've ever daten. So on Christmas eve he's spending the night at my house. It's not a problem, my whole family likes him.

But he once told me that animals just weren't his thing. And that he thought pets were a waste of money. But i have 3 dogs, and 2 guinea pigs! I was really looking forward to showing him all the animals. But what if he hates them, what if he thinks there weird, and that i'm some kind of animal freak?

The dogs are going to attack him, not being mean but they just get excited when they see new people. We probably won't have peace and quiet. what to do? Should I tell him? I thought about asking to spend X-mas eve at his house, but my family wants me at my house.


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    well first of all yes tell him and tell him that youre sorry but its not youre fault that you have animals, plus you had them befor you started to date him so you cant just get rid of them. and for the dog attacking thing speak to youre family and ask one of them if they could please hold the dogs while you get him inside! just be a polite to him as possible and just be youre self.

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    it's okay that he doesn't care for animals (some people don't) but you should definitely make him aware that you have several so he can decide if he still wants to hang out at your place, with dogs climbing all over him....

    You may find that your difference in feelings about animals, may make the two of you a poor match. Although I respect people who don't care for animals, I doubt I could ever get serious with someone who had quite strong feelings against animals (as companions).

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    If he really likes you enough he won't mind the animals. Everyone has to go through things for love and it's not that big of a problem really. everything will be ok.

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    Talk to him about it! If he doesn't want to stay with you just because you have animals then he has a problem! If he likes or loves you he will have no problem staying with you!

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    If someone likes you, he has to accept who you are and everything about you. If pets are part of your life, then he has to learn to accept them. I wouldn't give up my dog for any man.

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    Bah, if he's going to be your boyfriend he's got to know you like animals. If he doesn't like them, that's his problem. Good luck!

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