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im getting a dog and i don't know what to name it i don't know if i will get a boy or girl.?

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    bailey works for both

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    Why not wait to find out for sure whether it's going to be male or female? I always wait a few days until I see the demeanor and behavior of the dog and pick a name based on that.

    Our pit bull-rottweiler mix had a spicy attitude as a new pup, so I named her in the hot pepper.

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    Meet your dog first. It's personality or looks will give you ideas for names. For example, it just wouldn't do to give the dog a name like "Kaiser" which means King when the dog's clearly a follower dog and not a leader (we call it alpha and beta dogs). Get to know your dog first. Don't be in a hurry. It doesn't have to be a female or a male sounding name either.

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    Name "it" to fit what you like. If you ride motorcycles name it Harley ! If you are like me and like TV and movies you could name it after a favorite character . I named my golden after a Seinfeld character COSMO ! My black labs name is Maverick(he came from a kennel called Top Gun Kennels) I'm sure you will come up with the perfect name. Good Luck

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    Spiky or Mr. Peepers for a boy

    Cupcake or Snickers for a girl

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    Boy names : Copper, max. sammy, luke, lue

    Girl names: Ava , racheal , sweetie

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    sandy or rex or max

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