have you ever made any thing worth eating with an easy bake oven?

im thinking if i want an easy bake oven for christmas ... but when i was little i dont think i ever made anything worth eating with it . So if you ever made any thing worth eating with urs let me know so i will know if this is a good idea.

Thank you

and just so you dont think i am some adult that wants to cook with easy bake (im only 14) lol (i dreamed i had an easybake and now i want one!)

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    No Way, I use a real oven....

    I just go to the store and buy cake mix, or cookie dough, and follow all the directions very.... very carefully.

    Don't leave the oven cooking too long.

    It's not hard at all I did it when I was 13... and I top all my pies with jello.

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    the cookie dough that came with my oven made delicious cookies but the macaroni and cheese is gross so is the pretzel but still the cookis from the cookie dough was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good it lasted about 4 months and i made some every weekend so if you like cookies getiing an easy bake is a good idea but otherwise i wouldnt buy one thanks

    enjoy your neww oven

    if you get one

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    There's not much worth eating that is baked with a 100-watt light bulb. Just use your mom's oven.

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