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birds out of place?

Has anybody else noticed birds out of their natural habitat?

Right after Katrina, we started seeing fish crows in our area in SW Missouri. They had never been here before, and they are still here. They compete with our native crows for food and in some cases, drive them away. They are a little smaller than the crow, and have a croak like a rusty hinge. We didn't know what they were until someone from Louisiana pointed them out and said they didn't know that they came that far north.

Has anyone else noticed strange birds moving into your area?


They are definitely fish crows, slightly smaller and with a different call. And they are permanently here, now. All over the area. Made themselves at home.

Update 2:

Our local Audubon society has recognized them also.

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    I can't answer that but natural disasters are a classic way to get birds moved to areas where they aren't normally found. It's been a common occurance not just with Katrina.

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    I'm not exactly sure it is the Fishing crow you are seeing or hearing. The Fishing Crow sounds like "uh-huh" and is identical in size to the American Crow, which is 15", same kind of beak and all. About the only difference is: The Fishing Crow is blacker and the American Crow is a little more iridescent. The Fishing Crow mainly eats fruits and seeds. The secondary diet is eggs, fish and carrion.

    The average sighting in your area of Missouri is about 1 per year. It's range however does extend into Northern Arkansas.

    Source(s): I'm an avid bird watcher. I do believe the tail is maybe more square on the Fishing Crow. They are hard to tell apart.
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    It's ben since katrina that Ivory billed woodpeckers have ben seen localy. They are thought to have ben living in Cuba and Katrina drove them this far north.They are not extinct.

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    Animals are like people,, Come and go as they choose!

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