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Why do chocolate sponge cake sweat in fridge?


I made a chocolate sponge cake, all in one with the following -

100g sr flour

100g caster sugar

100g stork margarine

3 medium eggs

2 tbsp cocoa

I basically baked it as per usual all in one.

After allowing it to cool and putting whipped double cream and jam on to it, i refrigerated it.

Next day the top was a bit sweaty.



Sorry forgot to say - Also put icing sugar on top.

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    I just love the science of cooking/baking. One thing happened to two things, reconstituted chocolate as well as any chocolate product will sweat when exposed to temps below 55 degrees, chocolate products should be stored/ held in a temp of 65-70 degrees. Moisture from the refrigerator also attacked the sugars in your "icings/ toppings", as well as having more then one type of refined sugar ( the sugar make-up of the combined toppings). If you combine two different types of sugars, one refined (icing/whippedC) and one natural(jam) the added sugar if not heated and completely desolved will continue to "melt" with the added moisture of the fridge. Pure Science

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