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Harry Potter?

What is your favorite movie?

What is your favorite book?

Who is your favorite girl student?

Who is your favorite boy student?

Who is your favorite teacher?

Dementor or Death Eater?

Who do you think is a better couple Ron and Hermione or Harry and Hermione?

Who do you think is prettier Ginny or Hermione?

Do you think Snape is cool?

Do you think Voldemort is cool?

Best Answer will get 10 points. Please star me!!!!!!

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    Fav Movie - OotP or GoF

    Fav Book - Deathly Hallows!

    Fav Girl Student - Hermione Granger or Luna Lovegood

    Fav Boy Student - Ron Weasley or Harry Potter

    Fav Teacher - Lupin or Snape

    Death Eater

    Ron and Hermione!

    I can't decide

    Snape rocks!

    Voldemort is pretty darn cool!

    I am going to star you!

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    My favorite movie is Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix

    My favorite book is Harry Potter and The ...... The last Book

    My favorite girl student is Ginny Because she is funny

    My favorite boy student is Ron Because He is a bit gullible and dumb.

    My favorite teacher is Snape, Because he is so gloomy that he is funny.

    Dementors Because I dont Like Death Eaters.

    I think Ron and Hermione Because Harry would go better with Ginny or Chang.

    Hermione When she has straightened hair but normally I would rate them about the same.

    I dont think Snape Is cool But he is really funny because he is funny.

    And I dont think Voldemort Is cool but I think That he Is really creepy! XO

    *STAR!* For You!


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    1. The first movie The Sorcerers Stone

    2. The Sorcerers Stone

    3. Hermione

    4. Harry

    5. Professor McGonagall

    6. Dementor

    7.Harry and Hermione

    8. I am a girl who doesn't rate girls

    9. Snape isn't cool

    10. Voldermort is the enemy!!!!

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    favorite movie: Elmer Gantry starring Burt Lancaster

    favorite book: The County of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

    I am no longer a student and have no favorite students.

    No favorite teachers either.


    Ron and Hermione


    Snape is cool.

    Voldemort is not cool.

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    Dity Harry

    Dont read much N/A

    Quit school 18yrs ago,but when i was there her name was June,oh i got my GED a year ago.

    I aint gay,but my good friend is named Dave.

    Mr well i forget his last name,but he cought me smokin in the bathroom,and it wasn't ciggs,and told me to get to class,let me slide.

    What ever has got the most cholesteral in it.

    Dont know.

    Not sure.

    Not a clue.

    Again not a clue.You Have a great and safe,and may your whole family do the same,over the up coming holiday,bye : )

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    - harry potter and the goblet of fire

    - half-blood prince

    - hermione granger

    - george weasley

    - prof. mcgonagall

    - dementor

    - harry and hermione (definitely...) =)

    - hermione

    - yes...

    - not

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    1 decade ago

    My favorite movie is Bratz.

    My favorite kind of book is chapter books.cybil war

    My favorite girl student is Maris because she is my BFFL.

    My favorite boy student is Brandon croston because he is cute.

    My favorite teacher is my 2nd and 4th grade teacher Mrs. Dodash and Mrs. White

    and IDKK

    and idkk again.




  • goblit of fire

    dethly hallows

    luna lovegood

    harry potter


    death eater

    ron and hermione




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    Gosh...there are way too many questions so why should I take the time answer all of them? But thanks for the two points

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    ron and hermione




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