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Any tips for a really nervous flyer?

im going to be taking a trip in about a week that requires me to fly...but i have a very weak and nervous stomach when it comes to take-offs and flying in general:( so is there anything that i can do to alleviate this problem if only for christmas :/

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    I am not a fan of medicating to overcome the fear of flying..Unless it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! A mild relaxant is fine if directions are followed correctly and not used in combination with alcohol. Many do try to mix the two and that can be very dangerous!

    "Over medicating" CAN and WILL impair your ability to evacuate successfully in an Emergency Evacuation. Good doctors take that into consideration when prescribing.

    Consider other techniques. Research the Net about Flight safety. Research the type of Aircraft you will be flying. Learn it's configuration. Attend a class, if one is offered by your Airline. Pay close attention to the safety briefings directed by the Flight Crew. We are highly trained to deal with any and all on board Emergencies. Our primary role is the Safety and security of all Passengers and Crew.

    Request (well in advance) a special pre-board and personalized safety briefing. Sit across from an F/A. If you see that I'm okay... you're okay. Chatting with us can help take your mind off of the critical phase of Flight (take-off and landing) We will be seated at these times.

    Keep yourself occupied with things that you enjoy like music, magazines or books. Try In flight Yoga. Google it. Some pax really say it helps, no kidding. Bring a Good Travel Guidebook. Plan and plot your activities at your destination.

    Chat up your seat mate. Bring some good munchies! Carbs for the stomach! Think of any and all activities to help divert your attention.

    As for the weak stomach, eat Carbs before departure. Take a gravol. They don't sedate you all that much but should provide some relief. Keep your seat belt fastened whenever seated. That way if it gets a little bumpy you won't hit your head on the bins! (kidding!)

    Don't hesitate to let the F/A nearest you know that you are a little nervous. We are trained to deal with that sort of thing. We deal with it on a per flight basis and are usually very accommodating.

    I'm sure you'll manage just fine! You'll have to forgive the F/A who quotes you that story about plane travel being safer than car travel...It's insensitive but common...Not my approach but it is one approach...

    Maybe you'll overcome your fear and learn to love flying as I do! For me, it's a rush I can't explain. The magic and wonder of Flight never ceases to amaze me!

    Have a safe and pleasant flight!

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    Nervous Flyer Tips

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    I sure can help you!

    When you take off:

    1. Get out a piece of gum or a hard candy but don't open it yet. Hold it in your hands.

    2. When the plane is about to take off breathe in your nose and out your mouth with deep breathes. I would suggest to close your eyes.

    3. When you feel the plane come off the ground open the gum or candy and put it in your mouth. (This part of the ride its very scary but there is nothing to be scared of. I have been on about 50 or 60 plane rides and none have crashed.)

    4. Keep up your breathing and when they(flight attendants) say you can lean your seat back you should it makes the flight more relaxing. If I were you I would try to sleep.


    1. These pilots have trained for 15 to 30 years and this will not be their first flight. They know exactly what to do.

    2. Think of how much fun you will have when you get to your destination.

    3. Bring your own snacks. Sometimes airline food makes me feel sick. But the drinks are OK.

    4. Try to use the bathrooms before you get on the plane. One reason: They are tiny you can barley stand in them. Second reason: When you are using them the plane can go through unexpected turbulence.

    I hope I helped and by the way: Flying isn't scary trust me I have done is many times. I was always scared. You just have to face your fears.

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    I am also a very nervous flyer. My doctor prescribed Ativan and it works great. I take it as soon as I get up on the am of the flight, and again about half an hour before boarding, and I have no problem.

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    Don't worry about it, close your eyes and bring an Ipod or walkman.

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