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Laptop internet connection?

I have just bought a Mac laptop, and am trying to register it to the internet using a phone cable modem. Since I don't have my own internet account, I used my parent's account information. But all it says is "cannot connect to server." Do I need my own account to connect? I am very frustrated. Help! I will choose a best answerer!

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    phone cable modem?

    so do you have dsl or cable broadband?

    you should just be able to connect your computer directly to the modem with an ethernet cable. if you need the specific settings, contact your internet service provider. if the broadband connection is live though, and uses DHCP it should automatically connect. things might be different for a dsl modem connecting using PPPoE.

    your question is not quite clear. are you at your parents house using their modem and internet to do this? it sounds like you might be trying to do this on another modem you have at a separate residence, so you have to set up your own account with an internet service provider (ISP)

  • If you have Dial-up, then you need to input the settings for that particular connection. Turn on your parent's computer and go to the Properties of their Dial-up Connection and then input those same properties onto your computer's dial-up connection, using their password/username. This should work. If not, then just call your ISP and they will walk you through it. If you have Cable or DSL then use the New Connection Wizard/Internet Connection Wizard found in the Control Panel and under All Programs... good luck to ya! :)

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