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"get big" supplements and acne?

i need a product to start working out and get serious results..i would also like to know if it'll cause any breakouts on my face..what do you guys recommend?


im not planning on using steriods i need my "junk"

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    If your not going to take steroids, then you dont have to worry about acne. Get a "gainer" at a sports nutrition store or just a whey protein powder. You could also try some creatine. Diet is really important to getting big as well. Eat at least 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight, and like 2-3g of complex carbs per pound of bodyweight daily. Eat about 500 more calories then you burn daily and make sure you are training.

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    I'd recommend that you NOT shrink your junk with steroids.

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    u fine da way u is God made u like dat n dont try to change it

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    i mean, to me you look good but if you dont feel sexy, i guess you should use those nutrients from sports stores

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