Please help! I need to find out this ASAP: What's the cheapest way to get to Vienna from Dubrovnik?

And comfort is not an issue. I prefer if it's an overnight train/bus. We need to reach Vienna on the 7th of February.

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    First off, there are no trains to/from Dubrovnik. It's in the far south of Croatia, in a hilly region, and trains do not run further south then Split. So that knocks off train.

    As far as buses go, I wouldn't recommend it but it's an option. It'll take you longer than just overnight. There's no "highway" to Dubrovnik, just a small road, and no direct buses to Vienna.

    You will have to take a bus to Zagreb (takes 9 - 13 hours depending on which bus). There are about 6 per day, and 2 that even run overnight so you would arrive in Zagreb at about 7:00 in the morning.

    From Zagreb there are 2 buses daily to Vienna, it takes about 6 hours. One leaves at 6:00 in the morning and the other at 23:00. I suggest you take the evening one as it'll give you a chance to explore Zagreb- the bus station is close to the centre and has lockers for backpacks.

    The bus schedules you can find online at . The site is in Croatian, click "Vozni red" it is for the schedule. Then type your departing city into "Polazište" and your arriving city into "Odredište", choose date next to "Odaberite datum", and "Broj dana" is the number of days you want to search for (for example, if you want to know the whole week's schedule type 7). Also you will probably have to search for Vienna either by it's proper name (Wien) or by the Croatian name for it (Beč). After you search you will see the schedule and also under the column "Cijena" is the price listed in Kuna.

    To add from personal experience, I know when backpacking you're always looking to pay the absolute minimum so buses and trains seem to be a good option. But with budget airlines now some long routes between cities are actually cheaper to fly. Especially long routes that will take 2 nights like this one- you end up spending more on tickets and buying snacks and stuff than if you just flew, and you save lots of time. You don't sleep well on the bus so when you finally do get to the next city all you have energy to do is crawl to the hostel and sleep. So now I always check flight options first on a site like both and operate direct flights from Dubrovnik to Vienna. Both of these airlines are "budget"... if you're under 25, Croatia Airlines offers a youth discount which makes the ticket very reasonable. Be sure to look in this option before choosing to take the bus.

    Source(s): I'm Croatian; and have done lots of budget travelling
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