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RB - Fargas, Jacobs, Barber?

This is a tough one. Fargas (Ind), Jacobs (Wash), and Barber (PHI). On paper, it looks like Barber but Jacobs seems to be due for a big one sooner or later. Fargas is the man but I think it could be tough for him to get carries if they are down by a lot. I also play TO and Folk (Dallas' kicker). Does it make sense to switch it up and play Jacobs b/c of this or just stick w/ Barber?

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    Barber !!!

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    Go with Barber, he should run all over the Eagles defense.

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    Let's see. Indy has the 17th best run-D, Washington has the 6th best run-D, & Philly has the 9th best run-D.

    Go with Fargas. He may or may not get 100 yards, & he may or may not get a TD, but he's your best option of these 3.

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    barber and jacobs

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