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Hair Thinning From braids. Please Help?

Ok i am a 22 yr old african-american male. I had braids for two years. and i didnt really take care of my hair, cuz i didnt know anything bout hair and that blow drying, heat and whatnot damages it. But anyway, i noticed that the braids started taking my hair out in the front, so i cut it all off, and i thought that it would start growin normal once i cut it. But its been a year and its still thin. And i know im not going bald yet, im like 98% sure of that. But does any body have any suggestions, products (good products), or home remedies, etc.. they can give me. I would very much appreciate it.

P.S. ive tried dr miracles and doo gro still no luck

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    That's probably just the way your hair is...some men start to thin as teenagers...just take care of it and see if it recovers...there are no magic potions....

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    I've seen this before and your hair just needs a rest. Try washing it every day to increase volume and use a creamy conditioner that you leave on a few minutes. Also, a leave in conditioner works but tends to dry your hair out so couple it with a hair moisturizer and brush frequently. The friction generates blood circulation which promotes healthy hair to grow.

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