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Please interpret this dream!?

In the dream, I was walking down a road when i saw a yellow house with a white picket fence and there was this women (and shes a real person that i really really really badly wanna meet) and she would walk out of her house, right to the end of the lawn, look around for two seconds, turn around and walk back inside. it was liek she never leaves her yard. so i kept walking a little and there was a carnival tent with tables and chairs set up. i walked up to it and the same lady was sitting in one of the chairs under the tent. i went up to her and said "why dont you ever come out of your yard?" (even though she was out of it now) and she said "because if i do i wont be able to hear myself talk anymore." and i said "what?" and she just pointed to a house with a really big window, so i looked and there was a women in the house looking out of the huge window. but the women was her! so she was liek in two places at once. Thats the end. I really want to know what you think about this. thanks!!

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    It really happens very often that in your dreams people appear twice, or even in more variations. They are different ASPECTS of the same person. It's always hard to interpret a dream without knowing the dreamer, but in your case it seems that you see this woman as an outgoing (watch the double sense of the word!) type, but on the other hand you think that she has another character trait (more reserved, calm).

    In general, the dream clearly shows that you want to meet her very badly, and that you should act.

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    You must be deeply in love with her in your imagination. You are constantly looking around to see if she is around, and constantly thinking about her in your waking state. This is so intense that it carries over into your subconscious, so she appears in your dreams as being all over the place.

    Generate your courage, set aside any inhibitions and approach her and get adquainted. I bet she's been noticing you, too and wants to meet you even if just to satisfy the curiousity you have displayed towards her. Good luck

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