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Singing Advice Needed! Help Really Needed!?

ok well my name is paula, and well i sing in a church choir choir and i sing as a cantor at my church. We have a christmas concert next week and im singing the first noel, and welll i've been sick with a cold for the past 3 weeks and ive been taking meds but nothing is really helping me. And today in church, i saw my choir teacher and shes like i you look sick and i can tell ur sick. I'm supposed to get record a cd tomorrow well start too and she's like u need ot be better by tomorrow. And well idk how im gonna tackle that. I have a stuffy nose but my voice is fine. Well we had a 3 hrs rehersal yesterday, so i coudl use any advice or anything ot get better for tomorrow. I woudl love if my nose isnt stuffed up cuz that complicates the singing. Thanks so much for you time and help. Your help is really apperiacated to me.


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    Eating spicy foods (as hot as you can stand) always helps me with stuffiness.

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    Nerves are a concern for many performers. you need to income to coach them into valuable capability. attempt those: bypass in arranged. The extra arranged you're for an audition or overall performance the extra delicate you will experience. rigidity is all physique chemistry. The extra you do it the extra your physique gets used to it. Do something. you do not ought to commence massive. Sing on your loved ones, acquaintances, at church, at a club, and extremely audition and carry out for each little thing you may. earlier you bypass on point: a million. do not consume a super meal 2. Stretch 3. heat up your voice 4. close your eyes and in simple terms block each little thing out 5. Tighten each muscle on your physique, head to toe, and permit it bypass unexpectedly. persist with up with a deep breath earlier you bypass on, you may dare your self to do nicely. There has have been given to be some thing you think of is worse than making a track in front of many human beings. point presence is each little thing. in case you’re apprehensive, no person has to nicely known. carry your head up, walk out with purpose and poise, as quickly as you recover from it a splash, making eye touch inclusive of your aim industry would be motivating. in case you may't seem at your aim industry, leaf with the aid of them. stumble on a comfortable stance and do exactly what you like. making a track and performing is exciting! do not take a deep breath earlier you initiate, extremely swallow and permit your nerves wash away. you would be fantastic. suggestions over mater. It’s all psychological. good success and chuffed making a track!

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    Drink as much water as you possibly can! And don't keep yourself hot -- keeping yourself warm is an old wive's remedy that does not work, it just creates a warm environment for the virus to grow in. Room temperature is best. And eat fruit. Lots of fruit, water, and room temperature.

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    nasal spray

    it'll keep your nose pretty clear.

    or try some theraflu

    i was suffereing what you wear last week and a half lol

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