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Any way to get stains out of woodwork?

I have a green stain in my woodwork on the floor from one of my son's projects from school, I believe it was paint or something along those lines, not quite sure but I can't get it out. I tried Old English, Murphy's Oil, sponge, even brillo pad (lightly). Anyone know what else I can do? Also, the floor is pretty run down (7 years old) and I was wondering if there may be anything to bring shine without ruining it more?

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    you need to sand and re-stain the floor

    If you stain it a dark color it will be easier to cover any stains that don't completely sand out

    if you didn't know there is a tool you can use to sand the floors with quickly. it's a standup unit you push

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    If you know the stain # & color, then you could spot sand and touch it up. The make wood floor products to clean and protect it. Check HomeDepot, Menards or a specialty flooring

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    does it really show???

    if not it dosent really matter.

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    pee on it

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