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I asked a question regarding the Big Bang and the Law of Conservation of Matter, and I got this response...?

I asked how, if matter is neither created nor destroyed, then where did the point the universe expanded from originate, and I got this response:

"*blinks* Honey, how could you go to school and not understand that the law is "ENERGY can be neither created nor destroyed". MATTER is created and destroyed all the time."

Does that make sense at all? As far as I could recall, there was a Law of Conservation of Matter that says that matter is only transformed; never created nor destroyed.

She later sends me this after I gave her an e-mail:

"I never said that matter can't be destroyed idiot. YOU DID. ENERGY cannot be destroyed. Matter turns into energy when IT is destroyed. Because thats what happens to matter, hon. It degrades and is turned into energy and used to fuel OTHER LIFE.

The idiotic thing you just came up with is simply the same as with energy. Since matter is MADE UP OF energy, think about it."

Am I missing something?

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    no, you are right!!!!!!if this is your teacher show this email to someone--the sdministration, your parents, ANYONE! not only was she TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY WRONG but she called you an idoit? she can and probably will get fierd!!!!you are right!!!!

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    The person who E-mailed you is a smartass, and is very condescending and RUDE. And I don't like rude people.

    Nobody knows everything. We are all acting on the basis of some degree of ignorance. We need to be respectful of one another, and help each other out with answers, without resorting to surly, condescending behavior and attitudes.

    I think you are correct. Matter can change forms.

    Energy cannot be created nor destroyed- true enough. But this person could have been more diplomatic in their explanation. Evidently, this person thinks she knows it all- which is total bullsh*t.

    Don't let her get you down. You sound very bright.

    I am not an intelligent nor educated enough man to properly answer some of these questions. But I will try, nonetheless.

    In a way, the point the universe expanded from is everywhere.

    Matter cannot be created nor destroyed by us humans- but God can do both. God set into place the big bang, and he created the heavens, the earth, and the entire universe.

    Matter is not created nor destroyed by any humans or any activities in nature- although, as I said before, it can change forms.

    A tree is cut down, and is cut into wood. The wood is used to create an object- perhaps a piece of furniture. Eventually, the furniture will be worn out, or maybe disposed of by burning. The tree has undergone a transformation that cannot be reversed. It appears that it underwent destruction, but in reality, it has just changed forms.

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    Energy and matter can be converted but not destroyed the big bang theory suggests that energy started out being all potential energy and very dense matter, and spontaneously converted into kinetic energy, heat and less dense matter over time, meaning that the universe will expand forever or more reach a critical point were the universe implodes instantly or starts contacting backwards to a state of being all potential energy again, before the next big bang. Yes this theory like any other theory of the universe has something exiting that always was and can only be explained by circular reasoning. That was a very bright question the person who answered your question was a "troll", or a person with low self of esteem who insults others to feel better about them self. "Trolls" feed off of negative energy if you pity them and are nice to them they usually will become your friend and show you the respect you deserve.

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    Well despite being an *** she got one thing right. Einsteins famous equation e= mc^2 allowed us to realize that matter is congealed energy. There are different laws that say that neither energy (law of thermodynamics) nor matter (Lomonosov-Lavoisier law) can be outright destroyed in a closed system. And to answer your original question we do not yet know where matter itself came from as astronomers can only observe what happened 400,000 years after the big bang and no earlier.

    Source(s): My astronomy professor who is working on the critical mass universe theory.
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    Conservation of remember is an imperative component of massive bang concept.Time, area and all the subject or potential there can ever be got here into lifestyles with the enormous bang. That lots is appreciably everyday. it extremely is a measurable adventure with history radiation pervading the universe as a sort of echo or signature. modern-day theories featuring attainable techniques this adventure would have been initiated are actually not yet appreciably everyday and besides the philosophical or theological question. What initiated the quantum vacuum is an analogous paradox as what created a writer. Its all an extremely long term in the past so who cares? shall we enable bozons be bozons. the respond on your question is; No in simple terms the different with regard to conservation of remember yet apparently there are warning indications that decrease than particular psi situations linear causality can artwork backwards in time, somebody clever as quickly as pronounced "there's no such element as a miracle in simple terms gaps in our wisdom".

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    No you aren't its just hard to think of it on the grand scale of things...

    Energy and matter are one and the same, you can get energy from matter (Nuclear reactor/bomb) or you can get matter from energy (Quantum vaccum, hawking radiation).

    Energy cannot be removed from our universe only changed from one state to another... since energy cannot be removed then neither can matter.

    You two seem to be talking about "destroying" matter, to destroy something is a human concept... take a buiscuit and hit it with a hammer, its no longer a buscuit but its still there... see what i mean?

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    Hey! First you are not idiot! Ask bravely as you did!

    Then, there are two principles: "The principle of equivalence of matter and energy; E=mc^2" which states that actually they are the same and also "The principle of conservation of matter and energy" or just energy.

    So we can change matter into energy like colliding matter and antimatter and getting Gama radiation and also we can "create" matter and antimatter from energy i.e. from Gama radiation.

    But the amount of matter + energy (they are equivalent) is always constant and in this sense this generalized energy is not destroyed nor created just changing its form from one to another.


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    Confusing conversation...

    I would of probably slapped that ***** for being rude =/

    Energy CAN be created but not destroyed

    Matter is just something that has mass and occupies space

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    You are not missing anything. I did not get past her first paragraph because of her arrogance. Anyone who treats others this way is not intelligent enough to have a position that I care about.

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    matter created & destroyed? a very uneducated statement. try make new friends 'cause this one'll lead you nowhere.

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