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How can hot oil treatments help my natural hair?

About 2 months ago I made the "big chop" and cut off the majority of my relaxed hair. I use placenta leave in conditioner as well as various deep conditioners. I have olive oil in my cabinent but i dont know how it can help my hair and how i should use it. I dont like the warm towel idea.

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    Wild growth hair oil

    i use it as a hot treatment i out it in the microwave

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    I have natural hair too. What I do is take a quarter to half cup of olive oil and zap it in microwave untill it is super warm. Then I cover my hands in it and go over the end of my hair section by section. I try not to brush my hair to much because it causes damage so while doing this I finger seperate my hair. My hair is bra strap length when pulled straight, but just above shoulders with my curl so it takes about an hour so seperate and "coat" with the oil. I start at the ends and after I have got the tangles out run a bit more through the length. I only wash my hair once a week and so I do this the night before. Also you can set the cup of oil in a bowl of hot water to keep it warm, it's more easy to just add more hot water to the bowl then it is to keep microwaving the cup of oil.

    When your done just twist up your hair and wrap it in a scarf. I've found that hair ties causes breakage with my hair so if you can you might want to avoid them. Then the next day wash it like normal. I add my cream conditioner first and let it all sit for like ten mins or so and then rinse it out. I don't use shampoo more then once a month or so but if you do be carefull because most will strip your hairs oils.

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