What does he mean by this..?

well first i asked him to tell me the truth about what he thinks of me an this is what he msg bak..

"i dnt really kno wat to say lol but here it goes...your a chill chik, i get along wiv ya well n dont hav any problems wiv ya! thats chill about u ignorin me n all, as long as i kno now that it was for a reason n not coz u hated me or wateva, your good lookin aswell, weneva i joke around wiv ya bro sayin oh man ur sis is hot, im actual bein serious lol anyways hav a g done ill speak to u soon, oh i dnt hav ur numba eitha wat is it? peace xXx ps your hot as lol...how far u been if ya dnt mind me askin?"

Can u give me ur opinion whether maybe he likes me or what he wants? 'cause i find him really hot! but not sure yet..

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  • 1 decade ago
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    he needs to take a spelling course.

    Who the hell can read that?\

    From what I could read,

    He thinks your a good person, but he only likes you in THAT way for your looks.

    I think that he wants a friends with benefits.

    It doesnt sound like he wants a relationship.

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