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omfg! urgent please?

ok so just NOW i realized that on friday, my bf came on my belly and i stood up and it got.. there!! i did not have intercourse but doesn't change the fact that it went down there. long IS the day window after your period where you can have unprotected sex?!? because the last day of mine was about mon/tues


oh, and im very regular...every 28 days

im scared for my life right now =[

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    Your fine.

    Sperm needs to REALY get in there, Deep in there.

    I know im being very blunt, but you should be fine. Sperm also dies very soon unless it is in a warm, moist area like a vagina.

    If you dont know these simple facts then I would say you are too young to be fooling around like that.

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    You should NEVER have unprotected sex unless you are trying to conceive with a disease free partner. And the likelihood that you became pregnant is EXTREMELY low. (Even when you have full-blown intercourse the likelihood of getting pregnant is still only 8-10%.)

    To answer your question, the only "safe" time to have sex without contraception is during your period and even then there is a slight chance that you can become preggers.

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    I agree with JP. If you dont know how sperm works you probably shouldnt be having sex. Read a book. And that "window" doesnt exist. You dont really know when your period stops because even if you are bleeding, it could be old blood from days ago. So by the time you stop, that window has probably already passed.

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    There is no such window. When you have unprotected sex, there is ALWAYS a possibility of becoming pregnant. Seeing as you did not have actual intercourse, your chances of being pregnant is not likely.

    Source(s): 50% Reading 50% Common sense!
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    there is always a chance you will become pregnant. but i think your fine. sperm cant survive outside of his penis. most sperm die before they reach the egg even in intercourse. since it would have to go farther it would all die. it only takes one time and one sperm and one egg to make a baby. please learn about sex and till you do dont let him near your vagina. seeing as though your so scared of getting pregnant. be careful!

    god bless you

    jesus loves you

    good luck

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    I know I will get thumbs down for this, but it is still common sense.

    Don't have sex if you aren't ready for a kid.

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    relax you have like a negative chance of becoming pregnant and good for you for not having sex!

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    Next time, put a rubber on the guy if you're scared of getting pregnant. Dumbass.


    Holy crap! Chue...that was funny as hell! Nice work!

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    You are probably ok. Next time if he wants to get busy unless he as a condom tell him to get busy with his hand and take care of it himself!!!!

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    If you're freaked out because sperm went 'down there' then you shouldn't be sexual active.

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