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Girlfriend problems, HELP!!!?

okay i went to NYC yesterday and i got to spend the day with this really cool girl that i had just met a couple weeks befor but i had never really gotten to talk to her. and as the day went by i realized that i think i like her more then my girlfriend. but i really like my girlfriend, and the two of them are friends. what should i do, break up with my girlfriend for the other girl or should i stay with my girlfriend? HELP!

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    if they are friends if u break up with ur gf the other girl wont date u. there is a woman's code also

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    That is up to you, how do you know if this girl will like you the way your gf has treated you? Maybe bc you have a gf right now, she feels some attraction but her attraction might go down once you don't have a gf. Dunno just saying. But go with your heart. =)

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    dont be greedy, stay with the gf.

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