How do I make the first move?

Ok, we had our first date, he was nervous. I need to make the first move...

HOW do I do that??? How? how? how??

I have never kissed a guy before (except for in preschool). I need to do SOMETHING. How do I hold his hand? The entire date our arms would contantly touch, but he was too nervous to take my hand. How do I do that???

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    go in for the kiss but let him go the last bit

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    Is there any rule that the first date or second date should have hand-holding or kisses? You are getting pressurised by what your friends might tell you or what you read in magazines/media.

    Dear, take it slow and let things happen as they happen. It is better that you spend the first few dates trying to know each other, not physically, but about your other attributes like tastes, styles, ambitions, plans, dreams, likes, dislikes.. slowly the distance between you and him will reducee and you will be more and more comfortable.

    You said he is nervous. Instead of grabbing his hand, tell him you are enjoying the time with him and you like the bonding developing slow. That will put him also at ease and he will feel that it is perfectly fine to be his natural self.

    Dont rush. We also see a lot of young people assking questions about the mess they get into by rushing into relations and sex. Get physical only if you are sure he is the person to enjoy with and probably you have suitability in all other areas.

    The thing is you and he should enjoy the time together, physical relation is just a part of it, not the end, an essential part though.

    Once you and he are more comfortable with each other, rush your fingers over his or kiss his hand, press against him... you will do things by yorself naturally.

    Take care.. All the best..

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    just when you are feeling close to him and your both comfortable just reach over and take his hand in yours. there is your first move. next you should get closer to him like snuggle up and just until you two are comfortable with moving in for the kiss. also if you just wnt a kiss ask him as your leaving "do i get a kiss goodbye" this line got me to kiss a girl from a relationship for the first time

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    thats svt but id suggest u dont go to kiss him first...y dont u just take his if u just wanna see him palm.. ;D.....

    If u take the first step he will always think he might get even nervous...let him feel comfortable!...also try having some fun games to do..eventually he will not be nervous to make the first move :)

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    I can't believe what you're asking here. "How do I hold his hand?" Well, JUST HOLD IT! What can you possibly do wrong here? If he likes you he will appreciate any way you hold his hand. (Could you actually imagine your boy reacting like, "Oh, the way you're holding my hand is so strange, no, I don't think I wanna be together with you....)


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    To make it not too obvious, try to ask him for a palm reading...say something about yourself but do not tell it directly, try to use the words a girl or someone and think of other ideas...

  • well if he keeps bumping his hands with your hands, that means he want to hold your hand. When he does that just grab it.

  • 1 decade ago time on the date if your arms touch reach for his hand, DO NOT grab it. then if he wants to hold ur hand he will.

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    preschool? lol but anyways... just hold his hand, it'd make his day!! then just take little steps from there.

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    slide ur hand over to his if ya'll are going to the movies again.... start from there

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