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Ever since I had my twins?

Ever since I had my twins ( may 22) my periods have not regulated and I even tried BC to help and it would make it so that my periods would last 10 or more days or 3 days. Last month I got my periods twice and both times it lasted about 4 to 5 days. Earlier this month I had redish tinted discharge but never a full period. Does this meen I am pregnant.


yeah my doc is aware so in ....october he switched up my BC to a new kind and it hasnt helped I am going to call tomorrow and explain the situation and write down all the dates I have had my period and see whats going on. Thank you all.

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    No it doesn't mean you are pregnant - unless you have been skipping pills.

    Have you went to your GYN and explained what is going on? You may need a different type of script.

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    you might wanna see your doctor and explain what's going on.

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    i would go to your doctor and tell the doctor what is happening and then you will know

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