Question about my Mom.... I just dont understand .. plz help !!!?

OKay.. I am starting to really get annoyed with my Mom.. & I dont really know what to do with it. I am 20 & I have a 7 yr old little sister..whenever you do something she has do it over again..& then says how I ddint do it correctly. For example I poured my sister some Juice into a glass and I put a icecube in it... & when I turned around I noticed she has poured the juice out and gave her new juice. I asekd why.. and she told me that she didnt want the icecube in it.. then the other day i made a quessdila on a pan .. and she screamed at me telling me that the pan is hers and not too use it, and she immediatly threw out the stuf i was cooking and washed the pan.. same with her dishes.. if we do this dishes for her .. she will re-do them. Wen i was lil we had a rule that noone could wear there shoes in the house & now she wears her shoes all the time bcause she said she wont walk on the same floor as everyone esle.. & she makes my 7 yr old sister do this as well !! HELP shes crazy!


This is horrible... and only serious answers.. i feel bad for her.. but to be honest I feel the worse for hurts me inside too always get yelled for things I know most mothers would be concerned about.

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    all i can say is how unfortunate you are to have that kind of hypocritical mom.

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    Sounds like a slight OCD case. Maybe talk to your mom about it if shes willing to sit down and confront it. Most likely shell say theres nothing wrong, but just try and be understanding. If not, maybe suggest she talk to her doctor about it (which again, you cant MAKE her do, but you can still suggest it). Another idea would be to talk to another family member who might be able to help a little more- someone she really respects and will listen to.

    If all else fails, wait for a rainstorm, go out, find the closest mud hole, proceed to roll around a few times to get nice and coated, and walk back home making sure to keep as much wet mud on you as possible. When you make it there, open the door, shake like a dog, run around the house giving everything in it a slight mud coating all while wearing your shoes. This will either make her go completely nuts or cure her. Hopefully the latter...

    (jk about the last part, but def talk to her or someone who could help)

    Good Luck!

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    Please dont get influenced by the thought that she is crazy or nuts or maniac etc... Please, it is easy to start feeling like that about one and then before we know we will believe it. It is cruel to any person. Even if the person is having some difficulties, this is not the way to brand her or name her or even diagonise her.

    And you are talking about your Mom, all here are talking about your Mom to you. It must be really painful for you now.

    She may have certain difficulties or certain unexplainable ways of doing things. Please note, they are unexplainable to you, she does those believeing she is doing the right things. So, what is to be done is to understand why she does those and how you can clear the distance between what she does thinking right and what you all think as acceptable behaviour.

    You need expert help for this. Please talk to your dad or someone elder you can trust. Or talk to some counselling agency and seek help. They will help you both.

    Dont run away from your house or her. She is your Mom. Remember what all pain and trouble she undertook for you, if she had run away to enjoy her life in her prime age then, you would not be talking to us now. She needs you. She needs your love, understanding and support. To start with, instead of seeing her in a doubtful angle, see her as anormal human being, take what she does as normal for her. She is not causing you hurt or injury or anything. Once you stop giving undue meanings to what she does, you will feel better about he and she also will feel good about her when you stop behaving as if you doubt her to be crazy. Things will change, honey, with love, trust and understanding.

    Take care. Take care of your sister. Take care of your Mom.

    All the best.. I will pray for her and you..

    Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to You All..

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    Geez.. I dunno if my answer will offer you any insight. Your momma has a typical personality. She feels that things are better when she does them herself. Your momma just takes it to the extreme. I also think she is being a bit diva and a bit dramatic. She feels better as queen of the household. Knowing that nothing is perfect unless se puts her hand in it. It makes her feel better about herself. When it's small, give in. You don't have to fight her all the time or point out your annoyance. When it's large, do not argue with her. Just tell her you think it's a bit much to act that way over a -----. Fill in the blank. By saying it that way, your mom may notice how petty she's being.

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    Yeah, she's nuts. Best thing you could do is just let her run things and let it roll off your back. That way, she's happy and you won't need to deal with her.

    My grandma is nuts too, and my mom has to deal with it every time we see her. That's why we moved a few hundred miles away :). I STRONGLY suggest getting counselling, even if she says no. Take her anyway. We left my grandma when she refused and she's getting nuttier as the years pass.

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    She is crazy. The end. Maybe suggest some counseling but if that doesnt work you are just going to have to deal with it or leave the house. It sucks but thats what happens when parents are crazy.

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    wow! I think you mom needs to go see a doctor. If she wont go but she has a regular doctor, you might want to go tell him/her. The doctor might be able to shedule an "check-up" on her behalf and then talk to her when she shows up. I'm 21 with a 10yr old brother and my mom doesn't act like that! good luck!

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    Your mom may have obsessive compulsive disorder, or some other kind of disorder. Maybe she can't help the way she acts or feels, it's just something that her brain is telling her to do.

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    ok well if ur 20 then y dont u just move out of her house and take ur little sister with u?or y dont u go up to her and askher y shes doing all of that crap to and ur sis. you should try and do something because if i were u i wouldnt want my little sis growing up like that. so y dont u start raising money to get ur own place?

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    It sounds like she could have obsessive/compulsive disorder.

    People who have it can't help it but I believe they can get therapy to learn how to control their behavior.

    If you have a relative your mother trusts, talk to him or her and tell them what's been going on. Maybe they can coax your mother into counseling.

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    Get ur own place, or deal with her rules.

    let her take care of your sister, get a pack of paper plates to eat off of and a cheap skillet at dollar general

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