Are there any working multi-vitamin supplements out there that exist?

I am really starting to wonder if there are any nutritional supplements out there that really work? I have taken one-a-day supplements, citrum, equate brands, bayer brands and I have not seen any difference in taking them than before i started taking them. I really would love to find something I can take out there that can really benefit my whole body and something that actually WORKS! I am tired of spending money on products that they tell you that will help your body out but all it seems to be is a sugar pill or wasteless material that goes into your body and comes out without ever helping it. I was wondering if anyone takes anything out there for a multi-vitamin that actually works for them and would help my body out? I don't know if I have something wrong with my body as to why every nutritional supplement I take doesn't seem to benefit me and if that is the case, I wonder if there is something I can take out there that would help that cause? Thanks everyone, take care!

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    If you are a regular, otherwise healthy person who gets 3 square meals a day w/ some fruits/veggies, and this part you may not want to hear:You don't need any vitamins.

    Not sure if you're in the USA or not, but here nearly everyone gets a good diet unless you have some background issue: alcoholic, living below poverty or have a medical reason like malabsorption. Otherwise your vitamins will end up being peed out over the next 24 hrs. Some people like taking B6 or B12 claiming to have increased energy... No large, credible medical study has verified this claim. My advice is to eat a full range of healthy foods, not forgetting veggies like most adults and you'll be fine. Unless there's a specific complaint or reason that you started to take them for in the first place? Good luck.

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    Over the years I've taken one-a-day and one-a-day with minerals and I've seen a good change. What kind of change were you looking for that you didn't see? What were you trying to change that you didn't see change (maybe it's something psychological or emotional instead). For me I can see a difference in hair and skin, in attitude and overall health, in not crying or becoming irritated easily, etc.

    People have told me that the pill will go right thru you but the proof is to let it the pill sit in water overnight and see if it melts or doesn't. The one-a-day does melt into the water so I know that it does get distributed inside the body and the nay sayers were wrong.

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    Hi , I’m no expert but I believe there are a few simple golden rules to multi vitamins first of all,

    Unless specifically said, it is important to take vitamin pills on a full stomach coz It helps the process of the vitamins to work fully and if you take them on an empty stomach you could be harming the lining of your stomach.

    Also to my knowledge vitamins take different times on different people to work so try to take them at set times with set meals so you can monitor the progress, oh get plenty of sleep other wise your body is just going to refuse to function properly, like a flower that needs water can not survive without sun!

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    i've tried 'em all, too. only one i like is from GNC. they are pretty expensive, but worth it in my eyes.

    i use the mega-man. the ultras seemed too much like centrum

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