help DESPERATE!!!!!!!!!!?

ok. My computer is constantly getting pop ups ad viruses because I dont have a good virus protection pop up blocker and i cant get on the internet for 5 minute to check mail with out a minimus 5 popups coming in. Is there anything free that will help with the constant flow of popups. PLEASE. My brother is 10 and the pop ups are inappropriate. Thank you.

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    1 decade ago
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    this is the best one around "AVG" it's free and works really well. this will help you.


  • Chris
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    1 decade ago

    I 100% agree with the two posters above me!

    Firefox with the Noscript and Adblockplus addons = safest web browser available. I promise I have not had a single popup/ad since using this setup for the last 6 months...

    If you still get popups with the above setup, then you have malware installed on your PC, such as adware, spyware, trojans, smitfraud, etc.

    You will need to install a good antispyware scanner like SuperAntiSpyware which is completely free and highly effective.

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    Look Use the FireFox Browser and Download this Add-on,

    Winner of the "2006 PC World World Class Award", this tool makes Firefox the safest browser around.

    try it

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    Agree with last poster:

    1) Change default browser to mozzy firefox

    2) Get No Script add on

    3) Get Adblock Plus add on

    4) Immunize yourself with spyblaster

    5) Catch the rest that filter through with spybot search n

    destroy + ad-aware

    6) Get a software firewall if your computer is not behind a router - i vote for Comodo

    Cheers ^^

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    99% of all internet problems can be attributed to the wrong set of Web browser and Email clients in coordination of the

    AV/ Spyware / Firewall software.

    Get the following, all are free for a safe surfing experience, with proven track records and do not take up

    system resources like Norton or McAffee.

    install in SAFE mode with networking ( hit F-8 at boot time ), run them all in SAFE mode

    with networking as you'll need it for the updates all the programs below will need.

    Turn off RESTORE and the RECYLE BIN temporarily as virii can regenerate / reinfect even if you delete

    them with both services on. After all the scanning and cleaning after a 2nd reboot and one last

    scan do you turn both of them back on.


    AVG (free)




    EMAIL use thunderbird. It has a good built in spam filter and learns when you teach it.


    Once you set it all up create 3 email accounts..

    a hotmail or yahoo account for web "verification", this account you will not care if it get spammed

    a sub account ( from the master account )to your ISP that you use for logons, this is the one you use for personal

    emails only to trusted people and banking, ebay and paypal. Never use the account for anything else than that,

    you find spam is low to non existant if you follow this rule, and even if it does become spam laden, then you

    can delete the account and create a new sub account and do all the email updates to ebay, paypal, banks and your


    finally your master account from your ISP, this one you NEVER use, it's only kept for creating sub accounts since

    changing the master account is a real pain.

    and if you have a wireless router follow these tips,

    1. Use WPA encryption (WPA-PSK) it's less crackable then WEP.

    2. Make a passphrase that is upper & lower case and has some numbers thrown in there as well, again harder to crack.

    some like mAkE1t5eCurE0rel53 and as long as possible.

    3. Use MAC access control so only you or authorized PC's can connect (even if you do have encryption turned on)

    4. Turn off DHCP use static addresses.

    5. Turn off SSID (and change it) unless your card really needs it (some do)

    6. Change username/password of access unit front end

    7. Ensure you have the usual firewall enabled on your PC.

    8. Paranoia rules, turn WLAN off if your not using it :)

    one last tip

    control panel---administrator tools--services--messenger

    right clik on it

    stop the service

    then disable it

    save changes

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    if you use ie (internet explorer) i dont know about using mozilla.. at tolls tabs, there a pop-up blocker..

    you can turn off pop up blocker and pop up blocker setting..

    if you dont want any pop up, choose pop up blocker setting. there should be a filter pop up at the very bottom..turn it high..


  • 1 decade ago

    free security that works from

    avg anti virus free

    spybot search and destroy-spyware scan

    comodo firewall

    sypware blaster-real time spyware protection

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