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what will my stomach be like after 2nd pregnancy?

my husband and i are planning on having our second child by early 2009..our first child turned 2 in october and i've always had a problem getting rid of the excess flab or stretched out skin (whatever it is) on my stomach. it's not really big but it does look flabby and i've been trying hard to tighten it with situps but it's taking alot of time...but if i don't tighten it up before i get pregnant again, how do you think my stomach will be after giving birth again? do you think it'll just get worse or maybe stay the same? also will it be harder to tighten it up after the 2nd pregnancy? thanks for helping!

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    Hi there... I would give Aqua Jogging a whirl, its really good, it works EVERY single musscle in your body and it really helps with tonning up, if you did it every 2nd day for 3 months your problem should go away, its totally good...

    Source(s): I lost alot of weight and had to tone up, and thats what i did..
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    It would be OK, every women pass through this phase.

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