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Is it police abuse to take a submissive man from his car and slam him on the ground?

The other night, I was driving while barred, coming home from a funeral. The weather was bad, I had the heat cranked up, the radio audible and my coat snuggled around me for warmth. I drove home on icy roads at a safe speed, used my turn signals and stopped at all stop signs. When I pulled into my driveway I started to turn the vehicle off and my door was snatched open by the police and he grabbed my chest and back and tried to jerk me from the car. Automatically, my hand went up in submission and I said I am buckled in. He unbuckled me and with the same force and hold, threw me out onto the snow and cuffed me. Another officer arrived and they began shouting angrily to me. They took my vehicle and impounded it and took me to the station. I thought they were going to continue being abusive to me and asked for my attorney to which they argued with me for over a half hour before I was allowed to speak to her. She said, give no statement. I was then made to dress out and while naked, told


while naked they demanded I bend over in front of them to pick up clothing. While this could be a search tactic, which may be neccessary, they were not searching me nor made any attempt, they just wanted me to bend over in front of them.

Update 2:

just why did they stop me? Every ticket I received had nothing to do with a traffic violation.

Update 3:

please people, I have spoken facts, even if they don't reflect brightly on me. I am serious about this and wish your answers to be submitted in the same. Yes, I am embarressed by this episode. I honestly feel this was abuse. I am not a book writer, I am just a person.

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    Sounds like abuse to me. File a complaint with IA through your lawyer.

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    Barbara Streisand !!!

    Nothing about your statement rings true!!

    What do you mean driving while barred? Do you mean driving with a suspended license?

    You were made to dress out in front of the male police officers?

    Then what happened while standing there naked,?


    Forget about becoming an author!

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    I think if the police recognize a submissive man but still use the force you describe, it is abuse.

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    If it had really happened it would be abusive, but something tells me it never happened. I read through your other questions and two of the others mention an "abusive" employer. Maybe you're looking to get rich quick from a lawsuit.

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    I agree with rerum7 above - this reads like the effort of an overactive imagination.

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    I think they can do just about anything they want to now a days. It is under the heading of Homeland Security.

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    Driving while barred? Whats that mean?

    Why did they stop you?

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    Driving while barred....that means you are a habitual offender?????

    Why were you naked????

    there seems to be more to the story than you are telling..........

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