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will this still play on my ps3???

i have games for ps2 but the games neva worked on my ps2

b-cuz sumthin was wrong with my ps2 not game

soo will it mess my ps3 up or sumthin

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    Depends on which game it is and which version of the PS3 that you have.

    If you have the 40 gb version of the PS3, then you will never be able to play PS2 games on the 40 gb PS3.

    There are some PS2 games that's still not playable on the PS3.

    The game will not ruin your PS3.

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    I'm not sure if the PS3 is backwards compatible.... i know the 360 is ... i would go to the PS3 website or just try the games in the ps3 i doubt they will ruin anything unless they are damaged and like break apart when their in there

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