How do you copy a program off your hard drive?

I want to put a program that I have onto my friends computer.

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    You can either copy it on a cd, and then bring the cd to your computer's friend, or easier, use a USB key (put it on it, bring the key to your friend's computer).

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    If it's a free shareware-type program, just download it again.

    If it's a commercial program you are stealing, the same as if you shoplifted in a store or took your friend's wallet.

    To address your question, almost every modern program installs files into various Windows subdirectories (as well as the program subdirectory), and in order to copy every file, you have to have a list of them,and go find them, one-by-one.

    Further, during the install, Windows registers these files in certain System files so it can find and configure the program each time it runs.

    The short answer to "How do you copy a program off your hard drive?" is, "You can't".

    P.S. The previous poster said to copy your registry keys to your pal's PC. Uh-uh! Do that and your pal's PC will suddenly become a very expensive boat anchor.

    Hear me now, thank me later.

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    You need to get the original install disk/files. If you just copy the Program Files over, it probably won't work. But for an experienced computer user, you can do this:

    Copy over the program files to the second computer (/Program Files/ThisProgram)

    Then, type regedit in the run box to open the registry. Find the registry keys for the program (under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_CURRENT_USER) and export them to the second computer. Then, run double click the exported keys and it will add them to the registry. Then the program should work on the second computer.

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    first of all, the program has to be in an installation file (compressed file, exe ... etc) , not tons file you've already installed in the computer. Then just simply transfer by a disk or USB drive if the file is not big.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    unless you actually have the setup exe on your computer you cant do cant just put an installed program on another computer...if you have the setup exe then do what above poster said

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    sorry you can't, you need the install disk for the software just coping the EXE file will not work, hope this helps you.

  • mark
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    1 decade ago

    Email it


    copy to USB Drive


    Burn it to a cd

  • 1 decade ago

    just burn the data on cd or copy the data to ur flash drive

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