How do I keep my feet warm during winter training?

I like to do sprints, climb hills, catch passes and agility drills.Right now I'm doing them in the snow. my feet are frozen! Any special shoes I can wear, or socks? I need spikes so I don't slip.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you are wearing cotton socks, get rid of them. Get yourself some Smartwool, ThorLo, or Wigwam performance socks. That is the first thing. Cotton socks retain moisture and your feet will stay cold.

    If you are getting your shoes wet, runing in slush, puddles, snow, etc. get a pair of trail running shoes with a Gore-Tex or similar waterproof/breathable liner. This will set you back $110 or so.

    You can add things like gaiters to help keep the snow out and things like YakTrax or Stabilicers for traction.

    Finally, you can buy performance snowshoes. Sounds nuts, but they make really short snowshoes especially desingned to run in.

    You can find all of the things mentioned above at REI or EMS online. If you have a good local gear store, they may have the same stuff too.

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    5 years ago

    Unfortunately the fingers & toes are always the first to get cold - that's why they're the first to get frost bite!! For your feet - are you wearing waterproof boots? Waterproof = wind proof, so consider buying a non-leather boot if you're not already wearing them. Also use socks/sock liners that are made to wick moisture away from your foot. Wet plus cold air = numb & frost bite. Last but not least, every once in a while drop your feet from your stirrups, point your toes & rotate in both directions at the ankle. They will help get the blood flowing again and keep you warm. Other tips for surviving the cold: * Know the signs of frost bite!!!! I cannot stress that enough!!! As someone who has had frost bite in 8 fingers, you definitely do not want this! * Layers, layers, layers!! Take them off as you get warmer, then put them back on when you're done mucking stalls and going on to something less physical, BEFORE you get cold. * Remember to allow for extra time when warming up your horse/pony & for cooling down to. I like using those rugs that go over the hindquarters and wrap around you. It's cold for them as well!! * When using a bit, PLEASE remember to warm it up with your hands before asking the horse to take it in his/her mouth!! Ever stuck a frozen spoon in your mouth?? Enough said! * Do not ride when the temp is lower than 35F - the risk for injury to you & your horse is just too great. * No more riding once the ground freezes! And the ground will freeze even in an indoor arena unless it's a heated one. * Beware of ice!! I've seen plenty of horses fall as they were being led to/from their paddock and a few out on the trails with their riders!! Know where the water puddles form and remember that they will be ice ponds!! Good luck & stay warm!!

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    1 decade ago

    I know this will sound funny but try a pair of panty hose, theyre thin and retain heat well--500,000 military men cant be wrong! Used them while in severe cold weather, worked for me.

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