what is the structure of villi and how is it's function related to it's structure?

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    Villi are minute, fingerlike projections found in your small intestine. They are basically folds in the mucous membrane of the small intestine. The villi increase the surface area of the membrane by 30 times. On the villi, there are more miniature projections and these are called microvilli. These microvilli increase the surfae area by another 300 times!!!

    Their job is to increase the surface area so that there is more space for the small intestines to absorb the nutrients of food. More surface area = more area for food absorption

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    Villi Structure

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    Villi is numerous finger-like projections on the walls of small intestine. It helps in the absorption of dissolved food substances from intestine to other parts of the body. Villi increase surface area so as to speed up rate of diffusion. There are also microvilli found on vills to further increase surface area. The villi and intestinal walls are richly supplied with blood vessels and lymphatic vessels to carry away absorbed food substances.

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    what is the structure of villi and how is it's function related to it's structure?

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    In addition to increasing surface area, each villus/microvillus (singular) has a capillary carrying blood (mostly water) that is low in nutrients. However, the chyme flowing through the small intestine (chyme is the soupy nutrients from the chemically digested food) is high in nutrient molecules as compared to the blood. So, the nutrients diffuse (move from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration) into the blood stream.

    From there, via the hepatic artery, the blood flows directly to the liver where toxins are removed (detoxified) before the nutrient rich blood flows to the cells.

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