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HELP technical people!! my stereo is not as loud as it could be. Did i set it up wrong?

my stereo:

pioneer vsxd411 pioneer reciever, 500w

5 Bose double cube speakers (200w 6ohm each)

a standard dvd player i use to play cds


jack for my ipod

velodyne (150w ?) subwoofer

i hooked up everything (im pretty sure) as im supposed to. but the speakers just arent as loud as they should be, cause ive heard them in other ppls house. i realllly have to crank the reciever to get lound sound. what are the different things that could go wrong that causes this decrease in preformance to happen?


also, the speakers are required to (and i have done) go through the subwoofer, and then into the back of the reciever...if this helps.

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    I see you have the bose speakers. Are you using the bose Acoustimass Subwoofer to. You need to run them with it or you will blow out the speakers. They can't be used with out it as the crossover is build into it.

    The Velodne is a very good sub. You can still use it. Just try using it with the LFE (Sub Pre Out).

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    Unless there is a problem with one of your components, the most likely cause of your symptom is mis-wiring from the receiver to the sub. Very carefully check and be sure that the positive leads from the receiver are going to the positive terminals on the subwoofer. If you have some wired backwards, you will be playing sound out of phase, which in certain situations, will cause a decrease in perceived volume. (due to wave cancellation)

    If you are wired correctly, grab an ohm meter (10 bucks at Radio Shack) and check the impedance at your speakers. It should be between 6.6 and 5.4 ohms to be within tolerance.

    If that checks out, get a sound pressure level meter (spl) also available at Radio Shack and measure the receivers test tone as it moves around the room. Set the volume levels for all 5 speakers so they match at your sitting area. If you can't balance them, there's likely a problem with your receiver.

    If that checks out okay and you are still dissatisfied, take your spl to your friends house and compare his output to yours. If his system measures higher output and your equipment is the same, he likely has a smaller room or some other anomaly such as a room with less acoustic absorption. (a livelier room, maybe lacking drapes, carpet, pillows, etc.) Larger rooms (and less lively rooms) require larger speakers to move an equivalent amount of air in order for the listener to perceive the same volume level.

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    You'll have to double-check each and every connection, from the speakers to the inputs. Follow the owner's manual to the letter. If the output is low for all of your inputs (dvd player, vcr, ipod) and all the speakers are connected correctly, then there's something wrong with the amplifier itself.

    Source(s): Many years of successful audio connections.
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