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Guys... pleeaasssse answer... I really need help.....!?

I will make a long story very short. I was w/ my now ex-bf for 2 months. I was falling in love w/ him and I know he felt strongly for me too. The relationship got too serious too fast wayyy too soon (emotionally) and he got scared and couldn't handle it and broke up w/ me. (after an amazing w/e together). He also thought I was too needy (which I was acting and I regret it). We broke up a week ago and I want so badly to talk to him and have tried to call and text him more times than I should have w/ no repsonse from him. He has a good heart and is not a player. He was single before me for 2 years and is very guarded towared women and being loved.

Guys... why won't he talk to me... does he all of a sudden hate me... ? Has he shut down... ? Does he need space... ?

Have you had an exerience like this... ?

Please tell me what I can do to get him back! I really do know he is a good guy. I also know he is just really scared...

Will he come after me if the calls totally stop?????

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    Just stop talking to him for about a week or 2, unless he class you. But since you don't wanna seem desprete wait a while until you pick up. [for example 3 or 4 rings]. And don't sound all hyper. You have to give him space!

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    This just happened to me almost a week ago too. Although my ex does call back when i call. I'd say 90 percent of the times. But she doesn't want to see me right now until i treat her as a friend and not as a lover. We also went out for 2months post knowing each for 3 weeks. We were both in a serious relationship and i was kinda needy and clingy to her and maybe took a lot of her time from her friends and she felt she needed air to breathe. Also what we did wrong was trying to mold each other into something that we want from our mates. She felt the most unappreciated when i tried to change her. Really was my fault, i guess she didn't feel accepted. I didn't know it was that kinda issue we had until she started pulling away after thanksgiving. The best solution is to find out where the problem was. Since our ex made up their minds we should respect their decision to move on. Mine tried to do the friends thing, maybe an easy way to let me down gently. These days she has been hanging out with a lot of guy friends and i guess is moving on with her life already. First build your life again, find out about your insecurities, work on why it hurts you to break up with him. Is it a fear of being alone, unloved? Then maybe he'll see that you have changed if it was something he didn't like about you. If you have any questions please feel free to email me, i understand what you are going through, but on the male's perspective. Good luck =)

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    I had the EXACT same experience a few months back. So I am going to be completely hinest with you.

    First of all he didnt break up with you because he was "scared". He had other reasons that he didnt want to tell you. He obviousely does care for you at least a little bit because he doesnt want to hurt you.

    He is avoiding you because he cannot stand to hear you hurting. he is doing it for you. He feels like a horrible person for breaking your heart but he knew he had to before things got in to deep.

    In the case with my ex...he had another girl. he wasnt a playa or anything either. I am not saying this fellah does though. I am SO sorry you are going through this sweetie!!

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    I have no ******* idea. I don't know this guys history. I don't know his character. If I was the one in this situation I could imagine myself feeling the urge to say I love you and that would scare me because in my relative lack of experience (no relationships beyond a month, very few makeouts, only recently lost virginity) I have no good point of reference to know if I even mean what I'm saying or if I'm just getting attached to the first decent thing that happened to me.

    But, that's just me substituting my personality and experiences into the situation.

    I can't presume to really know what's going on.

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    Send him a letter, hand-written, via the postal service. Don't call him anymore. In the letter tell him how you feel, without sounding too sad or controlling. A little sexy thought might help also, but not too over anxious or horny... Most of all, tell him that you would like start over and hope he does too... If he wants to start over also,, he'll call you, if he doesn't call, then I'm afraid its over..

    Good luck...

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    omg the same thing happened to me... give him time if you know he felt strong feelings for you then he cant just forget about you, my bf did the same thing and i gave him time (about a month) and last night he called me and we talked for a long time and were going out again!!!

    good luck

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    give it time and then try to me his friend

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