there is this guy that is a new but really good friend of mine. At first i liked him and then i thought it was just friendship and now i dont know whether i like him as a friend or not. He makes me laugh and i do think he's cute so, maybe it's more than friendship. He likes another girl so if i tell him i like him not only might it ruin our frienship if he doesn't like me back but it will be all awkward. what should i do? i cant stop thinking about him and its driving me CRAZY

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    If you are really friends, then nothing will change if he turns you down. You two will be laughing about that event over some hot chocolate one day. You can get him out of your mind because the uncertainty about your relationship is settled. However, if he likes you, then you get your feelings reciprocated. This is a no lose situation as long as he is your friend and a nice guy. I hope the best for you.

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    If you are looking for relationship than a pure friendship then don't keep it lingering. Tell him what do you think about him. If he is not interested then forget it and look him as friend only.

    You can't be so serious about him just because he is making you laugh or pleasing you.

    A serious relationship is much more than these things, so don't waste day and night thinking about this.

    In short if he is serious about you be serious about him else forget everything.

    all the best.

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    Well. here it comes. i had a girlfriend who fell head over heels after this beautiful guy who was really cute n charming, know wat she did? she wrote a love letter to him, asking him to be her lover cause she really loved him n she bought a lotof things for him to make him happy.on the guys side. i can say he liked her but not love,i thought he was around because of the goodies she bought for him but i knew he didnt l;ove her, i tried to caution my friend that thi was infatuation but she wouldnt listen n i didnt blame her cos i know love is blind n this went on for over six months .my friend was still in love n the guy was kinda beginnin to like her too,i really felt sorry for my friend, she was kinda patient with him n does whatever he wanted but u know what? the boy never loved her n he made it worst by going after girls pretending he was just tryin my friend to see her reactions but i knew its a lie,i warned my friend but na she wouldnt listen, she was in love. but when she realized it was all fake,that he couldnt love her,she gave up.but i admired her courage n patient .so in ur case dear,as u know dat we girls are too emotional, we could think n fantasize a lot so i would advice u to watch ur steps u could do better with facing whatever u are doing squarely, if its studying ,do it well,or working,do the same cause i believe having a guy who doesnt love u is not ur priority now. if u have a boyfriend who likes u ,u stay with him if not u put urself together n wait for the right person or rather for him to love u n come after u instead of making urself look awkward. on the other hand,if u cant control it,girl u better speak up luck might be on ur side n u may even see that he loves u too but didnt speak all depends on how u feel. for the mean time,u hook up with him,thats if u want this, n be aruond him any time u can. n be very good friends with him,he might fall for u too.time will tell the rest.

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    Just be as good as u can be to him...we cant make ppl like us...and as u say if he likes another girl.then let him iz fine....even though its sad for u coz u like him so much...maybe he will want a relationship wit u oneday..he might stat liking then?? :)...

    but dont go to tell him that..coz he already likes someone else...u jsut wait and see okay....maybe if u come across another cute guy who makes u laugh u might get attracted to him as well..who is liek that...and ur :)

    so dont fret abt this okay. :)

    cheer up!

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    never let true love be unspoken. think it over for a few days than just talk to him. if hes a true friend things won't be akward, if it doesn't work out. just tell him the truth, and make sure you add in there it won't ruin your friendship.

    Source(s): hope this helped. i run an advice column at my school, and i answered this the best i could
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    are you a teenager? if yes then take your time and don't hurry. it happens with everyone of our age. think wide and extend your thoughts. then only reach a conclusion

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