general Madden 2008 question?

Hello: I asked this question:;_ylt=AnExJ... and haw not gotten and responses. I am hoping that leaving the question more general will at least get people to check this out. please click the link and check out the question.

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To add: This question is specifically that in previous versions of madden (2006 and before) that it was VERY OBVIOUS how and when the coaches helped a player progress. In the present version (2008) is there something as obvious as the stats being highlighted in yellow under roster, do coaches no longer have the same influence, or if they do how (or is) it noticeable.

Terrible answer Markk, why do you even bother answering if you're going to not say anything remotely helpful?

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    yea it does help obviously if you have 3 head coaches

    keep playing through the regular season and you should see a progression

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