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Where can i get this download?

i have been hearing alvin and the chipmunks lately, and people on youtube have been making them sing songs. I want to do it to. Where can i download a software that can mess around with peoples voices. And could you tell me where i could get it for free? Thanks!

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    i downloaded mine through bitcomet. if you dont have it yet download the program @ its just a small program so it wont cost you too much space. then after you installed it go to search for "cool edit pro crack" then look for the file that has more seed numbers, you will only see "s" there. "L" which means leech means number of people downloading the file, seed means the number of sources of the file.

    next, click the file and download the torrent, you dont have to save it in your pc, just choose "open" then automatically it wil be imported to your bitcomet program. the donwloading process will take place there. when it is done the file will be located in a folder where you assigned during the installing of bitcomet.

    from there im pretty sure you know what to do next..

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