why are people so stupid when it comes to ethiopia?

People here say in full mouths yeah ethiopia is poor yeah ethiopia is full of hungry no it isnt.

Im not even an ethiopian and it pisses me off to read that crap because i went to ethiopia one month ago and i didnt see no hungry people no beggars on the street or anything it was just like my city chicago busy people and what not.I traveled from the capital to the ancient ruins .a picture of what i saw...

this IS ethiopia okay?get the negative images out of your minds.I just want to know,if you havent been there and what not why do you people think its SO TERRIBLE ?Theres lots of tourists there...i just wanted to know.


damn8 your saying from the picture i posted it doesnt look like chicago?have you been to chicago?how am i daydreaming i have a pic to PROVE my vs.namibia not one ethiopian posted on there.NO i traveled AROUND ethiopia if you havent been there you cant tell me how it looks.

I can list the places i've been too.

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    i know ethiopia looks nice.

  • Is this question a joke or are you serious. Girl the GDP for Ethiopia is $850. That means that an average Ethiopian family lives on about $65 a month. A little over $2 dollars a day. Ethiopia is nowhere close to Rich, and it shouldnt even be in the same sentence as Chicago. The average Chicagoan makes $42,000 a year, how the heck do you compare that to 2 dollars a day. And I agree, Ethiopia is not as bad as it seems. people usually think that we are all dying of hunger and poverty but there are parts of Ethiopia that are well off. There are people in Ethiopia who live decent lives, but the vast majority of Ethiopians are living in poverty, extreme poverty. Our economy is growing, and hopefully we will become a developed nation in the future but dont lie to yourself that we are rich. ANd "Haylee" you are not White, and you are not an American, you are 100% Ethiopian. I know this because Americans dont care about any country in Africa, and they wouldnt post a stupid question like this on here. I mean any American who visits Africa is smart enough to know that it is nothing like the states.

    Source(s): Proud Ethiopian who loves her country more than Anything
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    yeah! what was it suppose to look like? you mean this is how chicago looks like? stop daydreaming, you were just in the cities and thought everything was like that, no. i have nothing against ethiopia and have never been there but ah come on ethiopia is just ethiopia, read a question here about ethiopia vs namibia, you will find out that some ethiopians think is the best country in africa. God bless africa!

  • Hey Damn8 ... one thing...ALL Ethiopians and SOME foreigners think Ethiopia is the greatest place in the world. And about Ethiopia being just Ethiopia ... dude, Huh????

    One Love !!!


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  • Rahwa
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    I feel the same way too! People are just ignorant about Ethiopia and Africa, and trust me I hear it alot!!

    Source(s): Ethiopian-American
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    Ethiopia is so rich hahahahahha

    dont they like have war, and aids there and donating money to feed a child

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