do you believe that we create our own hells?

im reading a book and in the last chapter it talks about death. this woman, Amber k. had a good point. she talks about how she's heard many different religious people die and come back to life. and shes also said that people describe death in many different ways. where they go and everything. do you believe we create our own hells and heavens?


i didnt say they were thinking. im sayin that Amber K, said that the people who died looked down on there bodies and saw themself they were floating in air..and then they travel though a tunnel with there dead loved one who met them there when they died..and at the end of a tunnel is a light.

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    maybe we build our own hell and heaven in this world by our sins and deeds.

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    They don't die, they're talking about things that they don't understand; if a person 'comes back' from death, it means they weren't dead yet; the brain still works for a short while after the heart stops, and trips out on it's own chemicals due to oxygen deprivation; that is why people describe all those trippy things after being revived.

    You're truly dead after your brain completely stops functioning, which is approximately 15-20 minutes after the heart stops; after that there is no way to revive you; although there have been rare cases of revival after the given time, but the persons involved were mentally retarded afterwards.

    EDIT- in response to your add details; that same phenomenon was duplicated in a lab experiment through simple brain stimulation. Here, look this up:

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    I don't think religion can create hell unless the person let's it. I also believe that if people need to rely on religion to help them get on with this life, we should leave them alone. That being said, the same applies for atheists. If atheists feel better thinking there is no God or higher being to make their life better then let it be. But we arguing back and forth about yes God or no God is not getting us anywhere, except for more hateful feelings between some people.

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    I know we do.

    Consideration is always senior to mechanics,

    Function monitors structure.

    Thought is boss!

    Or to quote Guatama Buddha:

    "All that we are is the result of what we have thought. It is founded upon our thoughts. It is made up of our thoughts."

    P.S. I am a Scientologist.

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    After life no we don`t; in life yes we can. There is the hell we go through that we can`t control and there is the hell we make for ourselves.

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    wow great ? !!!! i really do think we create all our own hells with our worst fears in them. and the heavens 2, with

    everything we love!

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    Sometimes others create them for us.

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    Yes. You manifest what you expect to see.

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