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Where can you buy in bulk the colored stones to place inside an ivy bowl for a wedding?

I am not sure what the proper name is of the stones, but we are wanting to have this as table decorations:

ivy bowl with stones and a votive candle holder with a candle inside.

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    You can get colored glass stones in the craft section at places like Wal-Mart, or in the pet section where they sell fish supplies. Not sure how many you need.

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    Maybe an arts and crat store like Hobby Lobby if they dont have in bulk they can probably order it for you or tell you how and were you can.

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    Michael's, Joann's Fabrics and Crafts,, Walmart, any craft store. you shouldn't pay more than $2 a bag. I know Walmart was $1.98, but a wholesale craft store has them even cheaper, Congrats!!!

    Source(s): did the same thing for my wedding, we also used beta fish in some though, turned out great
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    we have Hobby Lobby in my town, look for a place similar if not in your town, or maybe Pier One, but I remember them being way expensive there, $5 for a teeny tiny bag

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    hobby lobby or micheals. they've got tons of stuff there for craft and all that stuff

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