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how do i get my wavy hair straight and scene?

i have wavy hair and i really want to get a scene haircut when it gets long enough. the only problem is that it's pretty wavey and when its long it turns into a kindof fro. (lol)

right now its pretty straight. ive been just combing ovr with my hand and it's nice and soft and straight now. but if anyone has any tips theyd be greatly appriciated.

thank you-


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    Here we go.

    I'm epic with hair- not really.

    Exactly what sort of 'scene cut' are you going for? Because there are TONS.

    I can give you an example of my own hair.

    I have extremely curly hair & I get it straight all the time.

    1) When blow drying- use your fingers to detangle it. Dry your hair about half way dry during this.

    2) Get a WIDE toothed comb & dry about 70%-80%. Pull some of your top layers up & blow dry at the roots to add more volume. You can use volume boosters & what not at this stage.

    3) Use a small toothed comb now & dry it the rest of the way. Pull the comb through at the same rate you're moving your blow dry down.

    Once completely dry- get a ceramic straightener ready!

    4) Separate your hair into layers.

    5) Straighten the bottom layers. Once those are completely straight drop down a few more layers.

    6) Straighten those layers.

    7) Keep doing steps 4-6 until all your hair is nice & straight.

    8) Depending on the style.. Backcomb//tease//rat, add in bows, clips, or tiaras, or wear a sweatband & keep it down. With the sweatband look a lot of people like to curl the ends of their hair.

    So yeah.

    Hopefully that helps.

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    You could use a straightener to make your hair straight.

    If you can' afford a straightener, a good alternative is just to use a comb and comb a section of hair while blowdrying over that section.

    There are also straighyteneing shampoos you could use.

    Good luck!

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    dude, same over here, i gots wavy hair too and i wants an emo haircut, use a straightener for now, because its embarrasing growing out your hair and it looks bad, so straighten it and when its long enough the go to hair stylist and show them a pic of the hairstyle you want

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    go to they have great products and people put comments and pictures of before and afters and stuff like that. they also give tips for questions like yours

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    umm a hair straightener?

    make it longer in front and shorter in the back..?

    hope it helps.........

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    use hair straighter

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