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Crazy lover..?

I used to be mad about this guy but then he asked my good friend out.. i didnt want to make this into a love triangle and make my friend unhappy (as obviously the guy doesnt like me!) so i let her have him.. now i cant stop thinking about him.. like really!.. i think about him and he comes in my dreams and wen i wake up hes there again!..but i know it will never work out with us. My friend really likes him.. now im confused!! HELP!.. thanxx

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    this too shall pass....

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    you didn't "Let" her have him, it isn't your choice. You need to get on with you life. when you dream about him just let it make you feel good for a moment and think how lucky your friend is to have such a great guy. If you decide to dwell on it you will never find your self a great guy.

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    Dont worry..!

    thre nthing CRAZY in this!

    these are matters of heart,which take time to get sorted out!

    its will take a little time,bt once ur over him it will be for ever!

    think of ways tht u cld indulge yourself tht wld nt make u think abt him more nd more..

    If ur grps are the same..distance ur self for a few days,nd if ur frds realizes the distance she might ask u adn then you ckd tell her tht u had feelings for her guy.nw tht also depends u[on ur frd as to in which sense wld she take it!

    chill out!give it sme time! nd everything will work out finr :)

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    What you cant have you want that, just stop thinking about him divert your mind to someone or something to keep you busy.All the best.

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    Wow.. drama, drama, find someone else, because he doesn't like you and you're only toturing yourself.. You will lose your friend if you try to steal him and he doesn't want you so you will end up alone if you don't knock it off.. Find someone new, date his best friend, date her older brother, ha

  • who do you like more? your friend or him? chances are you may lose one of them if you try to mess it up, think how mad ur friend would be?

    you will more on, i know what you are going through!!

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    Whats so confusing? He doesn't like you and he is into your friend...Accept he did not pick you and move on...that's life honey...

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    hey dear... if he left u alone then y ur wasting ur valuable time for him.forget things u have left behind.just move forward.

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