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do guys like girls that play on the soccer or basket ball team in high school, or do the guys just go for the cheer leaders? ok i have played soccer for five years now, and i am going into high school next year. And i am most likeley going to play on the high school soccer team. Do boys like girls that are athletic? or do the joks go for the cheer leaders?

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    Some guys like a girl who can "keep up" with them - they enjoy the friendly competition with their girl. Other see sports as something that they do - they compete against themselves to improve over their previous performance. Those guys want a girl who isn't into sports, but is more "gurly" - they want to keep their sports time and romance separate. Cheerleaders have to be fairly athletic too - guys who don't want athletic girls don't go for the cheerleaders so much either.

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    Some guys like athletic types some do not. There is no one type of person that everyone will like. you need to continue to play the sports you love and are good at and you will find a guy who likes that and appreciates that you are passionate about it. If a guy doesnt like you because you play a sport then he is not the type of guy you should be with. Dont ever change who you are for anyone else. Be true to yourself and you will be happy in life and you will find the person who wants to join in that happiness one day!

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    I would guess that it all depends on the guy. Where I went to high school, you dated people because you liked them as a person, not because of what sports they played. Guys should like you for who you are not what you play. Besides different guys have different tastes, some like cheerleaders, some like smart girls, athletic, fat, skinny, funny, there are all different types of personalities that guys are attracted to.

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    personally i prefer girls that are athletic over cheerleader

    as long as they have a good personality

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    i like girls that are athletic

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